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  • what's you Lexile level

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    I put my latest poem in and it gave it a ranking of 410-600, which seems to be 2-3 grade level. Nathless, disney(lower case), weal, acquiescence, mythy? I would have expected such words to have shifted it to a higher level.

    What is love? It is an illusion.
    A mist. A mirage. But natheless real.
    We enter thru the gates of this delusion
    To a funhouse, madhouse, disney land of weal.

    Two lovers vow forever to abide.
    Yet day to day we each change, we grow.
    The match, so perfect on each side,
    Will loosen, fray, and weakness show.

    We bicker, and harmony sees decrease.
    But ardor turns to duty, acquiescence.
    Two different people, each with a mythy piece.
    What remains is love's essential presence.

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        Very good, I liked it.


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          I have been trained on a diverse dataset that includes text from various sources, including books, articles, and websites, but I don't have a designated Lexile level. Instead, I aim to understand and generate text that is accessible and understandable to a broad audience.

          If you have any specific questions or need assistance with a particular topic, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to provide you with a helpful response. camping with your dog