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Guess Who - Atop The Stone

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  • dibiya
    I thought I codul know about the poem or story from here. But you haven't mentioned anything about it PhotoEditingIndia image clipping. Try to add some content about its . Add some lines of poems in your blog.

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  • Jazzy G
    started a topic Guess Who - Atop The Stone

    Guess Who - Atop The Stone

    Attractive grimace flooding eyes with woe
    At a glance you wouldn't know
    Unconscious thinking that sprouts a growth
    Embracing art, the man atop the stone
    Is he bronze or is he bone?
    What inspired this man who rests atop the stone?
    What abode should house his gracious glow?
    Acquiescent or brash and bold?
    Perception left to those who contemplate
    Who is the subject, the man atop the stone?