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  • Guarded Heart

    You guard your heart
    Let no one in
    You've built high walls
    To keep love out

    Your afraid to get hurt
    You look in the mirror
    And all you see is tears
    And feeling lost and unwanted

    Your full of passion and desire
    But find yourself lost and alone
    And you still have hope
    But guard your heart

    Your faithful and loyal
    When you try someone new
    To have a new friend and bond
    You feel that same longing

    Just to find yourself lost
    And feel you'll always be alone
    So walls get higher
    And a lot stronger

    No matter what you do
    Or how hard you try
    You always lose in the end
    With no one to call your own
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    Nice poem. I love the way you write.
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      Thank you


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          Thank you


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            What a lovely poem. I loved it. It is so beautiful and simple. It clearly shows the broken heart of a person boost cell phone service in the Netherlands . I appreciate your talent to write such a poem. Great work. Keep writing and share it with us.