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NBA 2K19 aims as always to get the title of best sports video game year

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  • NBA 2K19 aims as always to get the title of best sports video game year

    As every year, the visual sportswear simulation of Visual Concepts arrives on the shelves, which this year tends even more to perfect a product already in itself excellent and satisfying. We speak of course of NBA 2K19, chapter that also marks the twentieth anniversary of the saga and crown in a sense a career of experiences, successes and great satisfactions. In addition to a roster completely updated for the occasion and some major improvements in the main modes, NBA 2K19 aims as always to get the title of best sports video game year, not too difficult to reach goal.

    One of the most popular modes of the series is undoubtedly My Player in NBA 2K19, where we impersonate an inexperienced basketball player who slowly climbs the summit until becoming a real star of the NBA. This year Visual Concepts decided to change the cards slightly on the table, perhaps out of fear of always re-presenting the same event, the sense of novelty would have disappeared: in NBA 2K19 we wear the role of AI, a player of undoubted success, which unfortunately is He was discarded at the NBA Draft and then took the route of the East, even ending up playing in China. Obviously in Shanghai we will remain just enough time to get comfortable with the commands, after which we will be transferred to America, but always in a very low category, which will serve as a springboard for maximum deductible.

    Impetus is a skill that allows the player to temporarily improve his skills. A.I. will occasionally have to deal with some of the typical problems of a great athlete, such as fame, jealousy and of course the challenges with colleagues near and far. There are choices on what to say in some specific moments of the game, but in fact they are useless and do not affect in any way what is the story told. And it is the plot that is one of the weakest points of the modality, with unconvincing lines of dialogue, monotonous and already seen situations, as well as a general flatness on an emotional level. On the positive side, at least this year the possibility to skip the cut-scenes was introduced, saving time on the most tedious moments.

    At the beginning, we can go to modify some aspects of our character: in addition to the canonical face, height and weight, it is possible to evaluate the type of game depending on the chosen role, enhancing some features to the detriment of others. Impetus is also introduced, a welcome addition to the 2K19 gameplay, a skill that once activated allows the player to improve his skills momentarily, exalting himself with spectacular and / or very difficult games. And store offers Cheap NBA 2K VC online for you! The impetus can also be extended to the team, provided that at least 50% is reached during the whole season, which is more than necessary to ensure that the remaining 4 athletes in the field trust us and our vision of game, especially in topical moments. The badges also return, which can be obtained by pursuing some objectives or by specializing in certain movements during the games; in some cases they can also be enhanced through training in the gym or with the warm up partisans.

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