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    Thursday http://www.oaklandraidersteamonline....-conley-jersey , the Raiders canceled practice media availability for practice. The air quality has gotten extremely bad recently due to the wildfires raging across Northern California. Last Sunday the air quality at game time was around 170 which is deemed “unhealthy” by Air Quality Index standards, but not to the level that would keep the game from going forward on schedule.Once it reached 200, the air quality jumps from “Unhealthy” to “Very unhealthy” which is the level at which the game would not be played. As of 11am the air quality was at 192. That was enough to have the practice moved to a walk-thru inside to limit the amount of inhalation of the air by the players.It’s not ideal, but the Raiders certainly understand there are those who are far more directly and often tragically affected by this than a football team having to practice indoors.“First of all, our hearts go out to all the people that have lost lives and property and certainly all the first responders. I think number one, all those people above everybody http://www.oaklandraidersteamonline....-nelson-jersey ,” said Raiders offensive coordinator, Greg Olson. “For us, we’re missing a practice, missing the ability to go outside, but for others, it’s changing their lives. It’s very unfortunate http://www.oaklandraidersteamonline....roberts-jersey , but again you put things in perspective; nobody on this team has lost lives or property, so we’re fortunate in that regard. But we always say, you’ve got to adjust and we’ll adjust today and get our walk-thru done indoors and we’ll make the most of it.”Everyone wants the air quality to improve because when it does, it signals the fires have dissipated some. Though being able to practice outside is an afterthought in such devastation, it would be a obvious byproduct.The Raiders have one more practice scheduled Friday as they prepare to head to Arizona to face the Cardinals on Sunday.If you’d like to help out with wildfire relief here’s how.Follow @LeviDamien This week’s turning point play of the game was a tough call because an argument can be made for two huge plays that occurred in the final period of the game.Johnny Townsend’s 25 yard punt certainly was a strong candidate but even if he did blast one, pinning the Colts deep in their own territory Womens Donald Penn Jersey , there is no guarantee the Raiders defense would have prevented them from scoring.No, the play that turned this game from within reach to out of reach came on the Raiders ensuing possession. The Raiders got the ball at their own 25-yard-line with 5:17 left to play following a Colts touchdown to take a 35-28 lead. On the first play Doug Martin had the ball punched out of his hands by Colts linebacker, Darius Leonard.Matthew Adams came up with the recovery for the Colts.It was a disappointing turn of events for Martin who had played well up to that point.You can see from the second clip how Leonard immediately looks to punch the ball loose.The Colts would need only five plays to go 27 yards for their third fourth quarter touchdown. “Very disappointed,” said Martin after the game. “Both sides were playing hard, having a good game, offensively Womens Kelechi Osemele Jersey , defensively.To fumble like that at the end, it sucks but a lot of guys went out there and played their hearts out.They put it all out there on the field.I’m really proud of ourselves.”The game ended with a final score of 42-28.The Raiders now have a 1-6 record as they head into a week nine Thursday night game against the 49ers.