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  • Online Treasure Hunt Game


    Here is a cool puzzle game.

    There are 7 puzzles standing between you and the "treasure"

    In order to crack the puzzles, you need to use your wits, your brain and the internet.

    There are no hints!

    You have unlimited time.

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    Eagerly I have taken your blog seeing the topic about the online treasure hunt game. I thought I could get these new forms of treasure hunt game. I used to play manually this treasure hunt game. Eager to know about it. Update your blog.


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      Hey treasure hunters!

      Level 2 is now online. Check it out!


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        This is really cool! I waited for thi game for how many weeks. At last I can now play. I also tried to play cool crazy car games . I really love to play online games. Thank you for this info.


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          Nice, I've been playing this all day! LOL, probably should go get some work done though.. if it wasn't for all the snow!
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            When it comes to online games, I always prefer treasure hunt games, and mystery games as well.
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              I am a game lover. I really love to play adventures games especially the treasure hunt games. I have played most of the treasure hunt games. Still, I want to play more. Can anyone suggest me the best online Treasure Hunt games?


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                I have no a clear idea about this. If any one have more information and to like to share this then please post his/her comment.I am very thank full for this act of kindness.i will come back soon is you have more idea about this. tow truck


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                  I am now not sure where you are getting your info, however good game... maid service


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                    Oh thanks for this!