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  • Riddle me, riddle me...

    Here's a short riddle I came up with--easy, I know, but I wasn't trying very hard.

    I’m often hard to break
    When what I hide eludes thy grasp
    But when thou hast caught it, at last
    Thou’lt often give a gasp

    My nature’s crystal clear,
    But when thou seest me, I’m dark
    Perhaps thou’lt say I’m too obscure
    But carefully my words mark:

    To pierce the gloom, thou’lt need
    A sharp and penetrable mind
    Thus thou’lt guess what another made
    And what I hide, thou’lt find

    P.S. Can you solve the riddle of my name?

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    What's the answer?
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      Hmm .. riddle is quite tricky. I have no idea. Duromax xp12000eh


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        Been reading this over and over. Can't seem to have an answer. Shadow? Lol, I give up.


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          It may sound odd but i think the answer is the hidden truth its hard to break the truth just change it the truth is commonly clear it can require a sharp mind to find the hidden truth and usually its dark it also referances to the thing itself hideing something and I think a hidden truth makes the most logical sense


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            I'm circling around, "silence"