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  • Poetry Prompt #8

    Here is the next word list prompt. Here are 10 words to inspire your writing. Use them to create anything form of poetry. The main thing is to read something into these words - and let them tell you a story.


    The minimum word use is set at 3 words. I have found - trying to use as many as I can helps me stretch my writing. It is good practice.

    Please post your writing here - so everyone can see what you came up with. Part of the joy in doing this exercise is to see how many different ways these words can take you.

    ~ Sumyanna

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    Giving it a go....

    You got a jagged glass heart
    And it feels like magic as it tears me apart

    I still visit that street where we met
    I still remember all the stars you set

    Aside for a night of peace and quiet
    But we never found one in our amorous riots

    Your lips on my neck turned to teeth
    That sank into flesh you called sweet

    Those sidewalks could talk but they
    Won't ever mention that day

    When your spell shook the sky
    And turned the day to night

    I will welcome my end
    If we never cross again

    From birth to death in an empty hospital
    I never truly knew you; not at all

    If love to loss my heart grows tender
    Please oh please return to sender


    • MHenry
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      Nicely done, Bison!

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    Sounds like quite the relationship! Nice job on the prompts!


    • #4
      The Homeless Hippie

      She had peace tattooed on her neck
      A hippie flower child from the 60's
      Now living on the sidewalk near the street
      Where she had given birth to the child
      In whose home she was no longer welcome
      She sat on the curb for a spell, in her jagged skin
      Wishing she could return to the time when she
      Knew how to please others and herself


      • RhymeLovingWriter
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        This is actually a pretty cool poem MHenry.

      • MHenry
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        Thank you, RLW, the prompts do serve a purpose.

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      The thing about write stuff you never otherwise would have written. I like that. Thanks for opening my eyes to this delightful exercise, Sumyanna!


      • Muttado1sb
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        They have definitely made me write in different ways then I had. So as MHenry says, thanks, Sumyanna!

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      This post is now a sticky topic. (Sorry for not doing so earlier, real life things happened.) From here-on out, I will attempt to keep the current prompt as a sticky.
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      • Sumyanna
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        No worries, it seems life has happened to me as well. Am going to post the next prompt (a bit late) been on vacation. Thanks!

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      Peace, what a concept.
      So many places
      where it was not long ago
      and it’s return is wanted.
      So many places
      where it would be welcome,
      even if only for a short spell.
      Because without peace,
      life has become
      jagged for far too many.
      Without peace
      there is little left on the street
      to please far too few.
      Peace should not be
      temporarily otherwise engaged
      but fully engaged
      in the space above our necks.
      We should help peace give birth
      where it is needed
      and return it from
      where it has fled.
      Peace should be
      occupying our sidewalks,
      occupying our neighborhoods
      occupying our world.
      Peace, what a concept.
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      • Sumyanna
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        What a sorrowful, heartfelt write. Yes - peace should. Truly a beautiful poem Muttado1sb

    • #8
      The Kindness of Strangers

      welcome to my haven
      sit a spell

      You look tense,
      as if your day was filled
      with barbed, jagged challenges

      Let me rub your neck,
      perhaps your feet as well

      The street is no place
      to find peace;

      Return to busted, broken sidewalk
      may yet prove to obscure evidence
      of your birth

      Wouldn't you rather be known
      even casually

      If only for a spell?

      (c) RhymeLovingWriter 2016


      • #9

        I sit alone on the sidewalk

        I rub my finger on the jagged edge of a rock

        I throw the rock back onto the

        I let it return back in peace

        I ponder my life, it's jagged edges

        I think of all the different pledges

        I wish the daughter I did Birth to return back home

        I say please come back to where the horses roam

        I will
        welcome You without regret

        I will not try to strangle your

        do I need spell it out

        ​​​​​​​Or will you leave me to pout



        • RhymeLovingWriter
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          How do you like the prompt format PoetryBree? Good job on this one!

        • PoetryBree
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          I like it...I am trying to learn how to write better from it...usually when I write I am struck with inspiration so it's a bit different.

      • #10
        My neck has a spell, i fall to the sidewalk.
        My birth was on a street.
        God said "welcome and please, wait for my return.
        I am jagged and in peace."


        • #11
          Sorry that I'm almost a year late... Again, great prompts that really served to spark my creativity!

          She clasps her silver locket ‘round her neck
          And pulls a hood over her silky hair
          Then slips through deadened hall, down crumbled stair
          Until her face is greeted by night air

          A tear grows in her heart to see her land
          So torn by bloodshed, under Ares’ spell
          With ev’ry loyal sidewalk trembling
          Beneath each marching footstep, angered, fell

          Is this the glorious country of her birth?
          Now all is fallen to decay and ruin
          Tall figures clad in black patrol each street
          Unmindful of the stiffened forms there strewn

          ‘Any sight but this would welcome be!’
          She sighs and shivers, not from wind or cold
          Please give me back the city that I loved
          Return to us our freedom as of old.’

          And as she stands there, silent and alone
          She takes her locket off, the ancient charm
          For legend said it granted any wish
          To those who wished for good and not for harm

          With jagged breath, for fear the tales lied,
          She lifts the locket’s lid; all noises cease
          And in the hush, as light bursts from its depths,
          She whispers to the night, ‘I wish for peace…’

          THE END?


          • #12
            This is a jagged spell
            That I know so painfully well
            The sidewalk left to simmer
            While the street cause bare feet to blister

            Sweat continuously runs down the neck
            Scorching weather makes going outside a treck
            Steam will soon give birth to clouds
            A welcome change for our weary crowds

            So please bear with the ghastly weather
            Keep the peace though your emotions may stir
            Soon the rain will return
            And wash away our concern