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Poetry Prompt #7

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  • Poetry Prompt #7

    So sorry. I actually made a prompt for last week and totally forgot to post it. Oh, getting old! Anyway - I will use that prompt for this week (I just wrote for it).

    Here is the next word list prompt. Here are 10 words to inspire your writing. Use them to create anything form of poetry. The main thing is to read something into these words - and let them tell you a story.


    The minimum word use is set at 3 words. I have found - trying to use as many as I can helps me stretch my writing. It is good practice.

    Please post your writing here - so everyone can see what you came up with. Part of the joy in doing this exercise is to see how many different ways these words can take you.

    ~ Sumyanna
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  • #2
    Voiceless consumers hop
    to buy boxes
    of pricey sugared grain
    sold by faceless companies
    joining in sincerely overt monopolies


    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      I'm glad I wrote before I read the other posts or I may have drawn into this serialized set of responses. Enjoyable, MH.

    • Sumyanna
      Sumyanna commented
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      Bison MHenry I find it so cool - both of you going the cereal route. I never even thought of it. Funny enough, I posted this prompt elsewhere and one of the posts that has come in already was about cereal as well. You know - they say great minds think alike!

    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      The words cascaded into the cereal bowl of my mind and came out Cheerios!

  • #3
    The Captain and the hoppy Rabbit boxing
    Chocula sang voiceless
    Of sincere whole grains shocking
    And General M. left me choiceless

    "It isn't pricey, not so dicey.
    Join me, support the company."

    Call me kookoo but keep it covert
    They'll drown you if you speak overt
    The General gets em when they're still eating boogers
    Keeps em forever with those sweet sinful sugars


    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      Nicely done with humor, Bison!

    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      Very good, Bison. Or rather, it's grrrrrreat!

    • Sumyanna
      Sumyanna commented
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      Love it! So glad I have outgrown the need to eat that stuff!

  • #4
    Listen to Mama

    Now, sugar,
    I don't think that's
    what you want to do.
    You hop up here
    and you listen to mama.
    Those boys are
    bad company
    to hang with.
    You join with them
    and you're stuck with them.
    they sound nice.
    They say what they are doing
    is for the good.
    But sugar,
    there's not a grain
    of truth
    in what they say.
    They are out
    for themselves,
    not for anyone else.
    They won't let you
    do what you want.
    You do what they say.
    They won't let you be free.
    If they were sincere
    they would be overt
    with their intentions,
    not hide behind
    jumbled rhetoric
    and babbled beliefs.
    They would let you
    rather than tell you
    what to think.
    They make
    you voiceless,
    sugar, and
    it's too pricey
    to lose your voice.
    So, you listen to
    your mama.
    Don't let them
    box you in
    with their lies.
    Don't let them
    take your voice.
    Don't let them
    take your


    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      I heard her say ''Now, sugar'' and that set me going. Thanks.

    • imrogue
      imrogue commented
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      nice one Muttado

    • Muttado1sb
      Muttado1sb commented
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      Thank you, imrogue.

  • #5

    hop on box car
    much less pricey
    voiceless go far
    though it's dicey
    grain in hoppers
    real show stoppers
    hobo - no go

    sugar, ships in
    bulk containers
    joined sweet-laden
    poor bunk - overt
    company voice
    railroads poor choice
    all clear – sincere

    I'm trying to catch up on word prompt poems. It's slow going with this one because I wanted to go a more humorous route (?) and practice the ha'sonnet form, but I found it difficult to fit these words even into slant rhyme that would flow and make sense. Ah well, I guess that's why we keep experimenting.


    • #6
      My box car feels like a sugar rush.
      I hop inside my imagination, I have company...
      Voiceless voids join in for a pricey and overt fail.
      No sincere heart is around to taste a grain of my riches.


      • #7
        Peta probably wouldn't approve, but I can't help what the mind comes up with...

        Kangaroos hop around in the tiny box
        The marsupial are such, sincere jocks
        Their overt speed and agility
        Draw in such a wild company

        Onlookers cheer, but remain voiceless
        At these beasts' amazing prowess
        While they grain each other with fists and swift kicks
        Even more of a crowd join into watch their antics

        After an epic match, the fight is done
        It wasn't at all pricey to have this fun
        Minds racing, and hearts heavily pounding
        Who needs sugar, when we got this to get us going