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  • Two things

    Hey guys, first post so I want to start out with a riddle:

    What do you call five on one?

    A few possible answers, but I'm looking for one that's particularly close to hand.

    If you like that riddle, I think you might like a riddle filled digital scavenger hunt I made. It starts with the link below, let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks Much!
    How many times have I written this post. (It has been hard to strike the right balance of serious statement and gamey obfuscation. There's a lot I want to convey clearly, but it's important to have fun with the presentation style, or why am I doing this in the first place. This is an endeavor in entertainment,…

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    Thanx for that riddle. It is like interesting game
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      P.S. I don't have any questions


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        It's an interesting game. Best Legal Steroids for Sale
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