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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Those Boxes Come with Lids for a Reason!

    Cats on the pizza and she’s sitting pretty
    Poised for possession – no vote of committee
    needed to conjure the plight of this pie
    Ownership squatted – so kiss it good-bye!

    Thanks Raku - I had fun with this!

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  • MHenry
    commented on 's reply
    I'm already on the hook for sushi, so Sumyanna should do the pizza!

  • Suz-zen
    Raku thanks!! had fun with this and enjoyed MHenry and Sumyanna taking a stab at this too! now who is going to buy me a pizza!?! Hold the cat!

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  • Suz-zen
    cat sits hot pizza
    contemplates selfish owner
    prefers vegetarian

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  • MHenry
    Who ate all the pepperoni?
    Was it you, Tony?
    No, I'm not annoyed about it
    (I'll scratch his eyes out if
    he did) Are you sure it wasn't you?
    I mean, just you and me knew

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  • MHenry
    commented on 's reply
    Haha! You read the cat's mind, for sure!

  • Sumyanna
    Okay, I finally took you up on this prompt. I was worried I wouldn't come up with anything, but here it is :-) Thanks for the prompt!

    *Cat Philosophy*

    I think that you may
    My intentions
    For though I know
    You may think that this
    Is yours -
    It is mine
    For I lay claim to it
    And never shall you know
    My hunger
    Or my willingness
    To fight for it
    Be a wary soul
    And walk around me
    Act as if I am not here
    For if you step any closer
    You may be forced
    To feel my wrath
    And I don't fight pretty.

    © Sumyanna 2016

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  • Raku
    started a topic Image Prompt

    Image Prompt

    Write whatever this image inspires =)

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