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Poetry Word Prompt #6

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  • Poetry Word Prompt #6

    Here is the next word list prompt. Here are 10 words to inspire your writing. Use them to create anything form of poetry. The main thing is to read something into these words - and let them tell you a story.


    The minimum word use is set at 3 words. I have found - trying to use as many as I can helps me stretch my writing. It is good practice.

    Please post your writing here - so everyone can see what you came up with. Part of the joy in doing this exercise is to see how many different ways these words can take you.

    ~ Sumyanna
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    ...The blind stormy night
    soaks me...after love...
    without surcease.
    The colorless rain has been ordained
    to keep me still
    for uncoordinated fate
    to piece me together...after love.
    Honey and milk on my feet
    tastebuds in my hair
    winestains on bread (little fractals of happenstance)
    for my heart
    and my eyes
    infinite petals of sleepy wilting roses
    the wings of a falling gargoyle
    the frantic tired ashes of a phoenix...
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    How about this:

    "Staring outside the front door,
    She grabbed her suitcase and tried to make her final moment last-
    A tangy tear strolls from her eyes to the stone wood,
    ​​​​​It shattered like fragile glass.
    Sometimes you have to let life slip away,
    And only the strongest ever get it back,
    This time she had to face it.
    It was one ir-incredible minute when she thought about turning around,
    Only that would be as useless as commanding the rain to stop from the stormy clouds-
    So she closed her eyes and put her arms over her head and said
    'This time education won't be the way out,
    This time I'll have to face it-'
    Because who would want to spend their lives
    Cordinated, waiting,
    Snap back one day only to find
    The answers have been here the entire time,
    Only faded?
    Oh who would want to spend a life un-worthy of missing, only wishing,
    To see the
    Blindness of the morning and the irate of a lonesome night?
    Only to find out our answers have been here the whole time, before our own eyes;
    Just faded?..."

    And yeah ^_^


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    And this one:

    Who am I to say I never knew
    The incredible truth that I was clashing through,
    (AKA everyone around me was on a cue-)
    To scold me and hurry to run the time I needed the truth - I guess that's how it's going to be?
    Without single disregard for my sympathy?
    Is it alright to say I just wanna wait around to see
    The fire which is my anger and who survives when I'm finally cured-

    Nevermind, let's rearrange -
    Let's try a little bit more to disengage-
    Let's agree to always disagree and forget change-
    Loosin' up a little more with the rhythm of my songs;
    But of course it just a disregard,
    I'm just like a piece of irate garbage you'd discard,
    We say to stop when we have already gotten too far-
    And we are stuck above everything as heartache decides to intervene...


    • Sumyanna
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      Wow. Strong write. Especially love the line "I'm just a piece of irate garbage you'd discard." Strong... One Wingless Angel

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    Don't Blame Me

    We better hurry to get this in
    or hope the storm is late,
    'cause if we don't that uppity scold
    is sure to be irate!
    Her temper is incredible,
    her fury can be blind.
    If you think the hurricane's stormy
    she'll just blow your mind.
    She may be tangy but she pays well,
    and it's her stuff we're packing,
    so get coordinated, don't blame me if she yells,
    your education is not lacking!


    • Sumyanna
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      Love this - love the story you told. Better hurry Muttado1sb !

    • Muttado1sb
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      Thank you.

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    Poetry Word Prompt #6

    She had an incredible education
    But she was stormy and irate
    She was very uncoordinated
    And her lips had a tangy taste
    She got uppity in a hurry
    And then she’d scold you blind
    So, you see why I write poems about her?


    • Sumyanna
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      Oh you made me smile. Love it MHenry

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    A blind, beautiful fool. Life is what you make it. Lovely, Sumyanna.


    • Sumyanna
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      Thank you very much +Muttado1sb - it is the blind, beautiful fools that make this world a beautiful place, I think :-)

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    These are all so wonderful!! Loved reading all! So different! each and every one! I am not getting anything tonight from the writing Gods or Goddesses! Will try to see who speaks to me tomorrow! Goodnight all!!


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      The Raid

      Irate soldiers raid an uppity village during a stormy night
      Robbing them blind they steal their incredible tangy fruit without a fight
      It was a well coordinated plan of attack
      One that they were able to do as payback

      The poor village woke up to a very important education
      All they could do was scold each other in frustration
      But they realized they had to hurry and prepare for the next assault
      They would go and hide all their treasures in a sealed tight vault

      Edit: Replaced original fourth line "One that they were able to do with out a backtrack" with "One that they were able to do as payback"

      Let me know which one you like better.
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      • Sumyanna
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        Wonderful use of the words Guest I think I do like the new line... One that they were able to do as payback. It falls off the tongue more easily than the first one, I think. Excellent job.

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      Just what i looking. thx
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