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Poetry Word Prompt #5

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  • Poetry Word Prompt #5

    Here is the next word list prompt. Here are 10 words to inspire your writing. Use them to create anything form of poetry. The main thing is to read something into these words - and let them tell you a story.


    The minimum word use is set at 3 words. I have found - trying to use as many as I can helps me stretch my writing. It is good practice.

    Please post your writing here - so everyone can see what you came up with. Part of the joy in doing this exercise is to see how many different ways these words can take you.

    ~ Sumyanna
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    Lovely and enchanting Sumyanna!


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    Nuclear World (Fallout)

    Deserted signal marks winter is coming
    With a gaudy hollow drumming
    After a nuclear blast sent the world fluttering
    Leaving many people in an empty world of muttering

    Shelters made out of rock that lean against the rubble
    People soon learned it's best not to get into trouble
    A new world arose out of the ashes of despair
    Striking any foolish criminals who dare

    This world is not that healthy
    And no longer is anyone wealthy
    This dark new world will take a long time to heal
    And for now we'll just have to carry on and deal
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    • Sumyanna
      Sumyanna commented
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      Wow - love this one. A dark take on the words - which is fabulous. Not ever poem written for the prompt should ever take the same path. Love it!

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    Time Out of Time

    house stood deserted
    tattered paisley curtains fluttering in winter winds
    once gaudy lawn ornaments faded to gray
    rock garden overgrown with matted, decaying weeds

    dare to dream
    memories long erased
    signal spring; a time to heal

    lean into future
    carrying lessons of learned past
    whispering hope

    all is well
    all is well
    and all shall be well

    (c) RhymeLovingWriter 2016


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      Sounds like the Christmas from Hell, RLW! But filled with hope for the spring. Or is this a scene from The Walking Dead? In any case, well done!


      • RhymeLovingWriter
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        Well, I had in mind more of a wistful reminiscing - full of sad nostalgia - but hopeful for the future. It's never the same when you go back 'home' after a long time has passed - usually one is sobered by how different the idyllic remembrance is from the reality. I've never seen The Walking Dead. In any case - thanks for the look and comment MHenry!

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      When I lean on God, he is my rock.
      Who am I to dare what I have learned.
      Fluttering into a gaudy winter, I feel deserted.
      Looking for a signal, I heal.


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          This is good, really good


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            I wish that I could heal
            or at the least feel
            I dare run of into the winter breeze
            over time i learned sometimes its best to leave
            looking off again upon deserted wall
            I lean against it trusting I will not fall
            looking out to see friends walking by
            they ignore me and I'm not sure why
            signaling for them to come to me
            they through there rocks wish i couldn't see
            i still sometimes miss that gaudy wall
            leaves fluttering no I miss it all
            i miss the pain they made me feel
            and the fact i hadn't healed

            By: DepressedPoet