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A Soul Journey

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  • A Soul Journey

    Today this thought occurred to me
    in one hundred years where will I be
    Observing my soul do I like what I see
    did I learn the lessons that would set me free

    Right here right now is my reality
    far I hope
    from my finality
    Somehow I crave the duality

    of being here now and eternity`

    What contributions can I offer now and then
    will I make the same mistakes time and again
    Will I learn the sword's not as mighty as the pen
    never regretting how things could have been.

    Is it possible to transcend time
    take a soul journey
    expanding my mind
    to a place where my star is aligned

    When I arrive I hope I find
    my expanded soul
    has been redefined

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    A soulful search through a sea of words to reconcile the now with eternity.
    Clever and enjoyable, BDB, but where is the painting?!


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      MH, this would be an interesting muse fpr a painting and one I would not reccomend a novice like myself paint. As always,you've done a great job deciphering my words and that makes my experience all the more enjoyable.


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        Bobby Del Boy I like the way you examine this life and the next! your last two lines i read a few times!


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          That is the question - very soul searching Bobby.


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            Thank you all my honored poet friends


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                A soulful poem. cincinnati insurance group