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Poetry Word Prompt #4

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  • Poetry Word Prompt #4

    Here is the third word list prompt. Here are 12 words to inspire your writing. Use them to create anything form of poetry. The main thing is to read something into these words - and let them tell you a story.


    The minimum word use is set at 3 words. I have found - trying to use as many as I can helps me stretch my writing. It is good practice.

    Please post your writing here - so everyone can see what you came up with. Part of the joy in doing this exercise is to see how many different ways these words can take you.

    ~ Sumyanna
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      I watched an argument between two friends on what to make
      A wry frog wanted to be brave, and bake the first steak cake
      The witty monkey wanted to make anything sweet
      Something that would give the tongue a real treat

      No matter what they just couldn't agree
      So they came up with a permissible freedom key
      Monkey would go off into his one spot
      While frog would work with the steaks that he bought

      When I came back the room was a mess
      Both friends were in major distress
      Monkey's dessert was a melted heap
      Frog realized why the meat was so cheap

      With one gaze towards eachother they broke down and cried
      So upset they knew that their dreams had died
      After a while they managed to calm down
      They both looked at the mess they caused all around

      They decided to clean the place, and start again
      Figuring they were allowed to mess up now and then
      Before starting they gave a good rinse to their friendship tether
      They were now ready to bake, this time together


      • Sumyanna
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        Oh what a cute story! Oh monkey and frog - needing to learn to get a long. Love it. A great moral there as well. I am ever so amazed at the many different directions we can take these words. So, did you enjoy writing for it?
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      • Raku
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        It was more difficult than #3 (Now titled "A Forgotten Dream), but yes this was fun. I love doing these kinds of prompts so much because it helps with my writers block that I tend to suffer from every so often =)