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The Poetry of Trees (New Writing Prompt)

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  • The Poetry of Trees (New Writing Prompt)

    Sorry - I tried to upload a picture to use as a writing prompt, but it failed miserably. Am intending to write for this tomorrow and thought it would be neat to share. I'd love to see how everyone goes about writing for this one:

    Wednesday Writing Prompt

    So over the years I have bought a few writing prompt books. I don't use them every day but when I am in the mood, I open one up and write for a prompt. It has never been easy to find a good book - I like a bit of one and a bit of another. The other day, I found one at the used book store that is a gem. So far I have been looking forward to writing for them. So - I thought I'd share one with you and see what you think. I might not write for it right away (we have guests coming tomorrow) so I expect to be busy, but I will... I am looking forward to this one. Feel free to tag anyone you can think of to work on this prompt. When you are done, feel free to post here or on your page (but please at least link to your page here so we can see it!)

    Today, describe the anatomy of a tree: roots, bark, sap, trunk, branches, and leaves. Instead of accepting a conventional relationship to trees, see the tree as something, anything, else: a country, a church, earth's hair, a lover...

    It's a lot to think about - what kind of tree are you - when you think of tree what do you see: Sycamore, oak, palm tree, Weeping willow? Let me know!

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    Took me a while to come up with something I was happy with. To me it isn't perfect cause I wanted to mention something about shade and how it protects the atmosphere from becoming decayed, but I wasn't sure how to fit it in. So here is my current version as is:

    A place that is perfect to call home
    Somewhere to go when you want to be alone
    Up there in a structure build by hand
    Or naturally grown in grassy land

    Often a scene where kids can be wild and free
    Or in a zoo giving home to a little monkey
    Found in nature, and a sign of harmony
    But also a sign of man's greed for money

    Most of the time cut down for the elite
    Other times cut down just for heat
    Whatever purpose they do serve
    It is best to educate and conserve


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      So very true - lovely write. I have yet to come up with an idea - but is scratching there under the surface. You did a wonderful job!