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  • 5 bankers

    Found here :

    Five bankers are sharing 12 golden ingots.
    They decide to proceed that way : The elder one will suggest an ingots allotment.
    The rest will vote for or against it.

    If the majority accepts, the sharing is ratified.
    If not, the elder will be dismissed.
    So, the sharing would be done between the remaining banker with the same rules. Knowing that they are set from left to right in a diminishing order of their ages, how would be the allotment ?

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    What is this 5bankers? Is it a game or a poem? I could not find anything about it. try to add some lines of poem or writing services in your blog. I wish to know about it. Add some games on it.
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      I didn't get the riddle, it's confusing.
      This game isn't slitherio, it's very easy to play.