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  • Doctors who needs em?

    Do you know the difference between a doctor and God? God doesn't think He's a doctor..

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    True, true, true, Robert Wendt! What a wise statement! Now, I don't want to offend any bona fide and kind doctors in case any are out there posting poems. But our primary care physician of 12 years (I found out after investigating) was primarily responsible for my sibling's agonizing death. Secondarily, I blame the hospitalists and their one-size-fits-all selection of a cheaper and less effectual med for ALL patients.. It was the tertiary one, the surgeon, who told me that she had been removed from a vital med (she had a severe hiatal hernia) for close to two months (so that all traces of it had left her system and she had no appetite). He further said he had five scheduled surgeries that Saturday and would "make her an add-on." I told him she was not anybody's add-on; I suggested he proceed with the five scheduled surgeries. I am not a seer, but I did tell him that regardless of his surgical skills, if he operated, she would die, and I wanted to do everything humanly possible to keep her alive. I ascertained that if surgery were deferred to the following week, her nutrition and hydration wouldn't be compromised at all. And so I entreated and begged for them to put it off and allow me to come and care for her. And, of course, they refused. The grief is indescribable. And I'm trying as hard as I can to subdue the rage I feel at those who betrayed the two of us. In order to go on, I can't carry such a heavy burden, so I'll leave the betrayers' fate to a Higher Authority.


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      I'll see ya on the other side Monica


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        I have had my share of medical mishaps.

        I guess, there is good and bad in every profession. I always believe the humble and the brave, make the best practitioners, regardless of profession.

        Mr. Wendt, I was hoping to hear more from you, on this side, so the other side will have to wait!