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    Just what it says, you take the last persons rhyme and proceed to say whatever comes to mind.
    I'll start with this.

    people be probably saying something like "ceotwo?" who it is? we don't know you,
    they maybe even have a place in mind that they'd like me to take the time to go to,
    you know, like the perfect type of site to throw a riddle that can hold a whole crew
    but provides no clue after what it makes you go through.
    I can't remember if I already forgot but i thought I told you,
    no we've never met but I'll bet I drop this verse like I owe you
    at least a thousand miles in my old shoe.
    I'm the kind of guy who'll never sweat a bold view,
    any set of words you present are not a threat, that I couldn't get, ready, set then blow through.

    What starts off as innocent free food for thought that anyone can chew,
    quickly becomes simply intricate when I get right into it and intimate with what you already know but never knew,
    'cause it's all a show and I'm just another animal in the zoo
    being vividly descriptive in my depiction of the nothing that we're discussing until it's something more twisted than screw,
    a concept you can easily misconstrue but I hold it together tighter than glue,
    so here's a hint if your missing the point that's due.
    Words will forever remain false, only actions reign true.
    Now I've planted the seed and saw that it grew,
    so I want you to kick it back like we're practicing kung-fu

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    Falsely accused of speaking spoken word/ Truly abused in this theater of the absurd/ Painted faces in tainted places/ erasing traces of God's good graces/ Space and time can place a mime/ in the middle of a little bitty, onetime rhyme/ Deep within his memories, he sees the crying laughter/ Shades of greys and yesterdays...hanging from a rafter/ Sadly-ever-after, inside he cries and dies/ The aftermath of each bloodbath becoming lullabies/ Skies of blue rein in the rain within his house of pain/ The mime's insane, he speaks in vain...yet his words...they will...remain...