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  • Constrained Writing

    I am a big fan of constrained writing (beyond the general poetic constraints of rhyming and meter)

    In this thread, I am curious to see anyone's constrained writing works. For a better explanation of what I mean, look at "constrained writing" on wikipedia, but for some examples:
    or other constraints that you invent.

    Please explain what constraint you used in your post.

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    While Milo's mind meanders from the milking,
    his parent enters fast the barn to check.
    Two kittens lap from boots a'spilling cream.
    Whot words of fire now flame from daddy's neck,
    "You'll wear the shoes that spooked the cow!" he screams.
    Now Milo's feet meander from the milking -
    the cream a' squish-squish-squishing. Hear it stream
    from boots like steam escaping old train wrecks.
    Author's Notes: Milo's Shoes was written for a specific challenge of ten poetic devices:

    line 1 - alliteration, line 2 - assonance, line 3 - imagery, line 4 - metaphor (fire), line 5 - personification (shoe), line 6 - repetition, line 7 - onomatopoeia, , line 8 - simile, 9 - poem must rhyme, 10 - consistent meter throughout.
    For added interest, I threw in an obsolete form of hot - "whot", which could be a typo for" what" which also fits. Look also for emjambment between L. 7-8.


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      Absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing...10 in such a short poem that rhymes and is so funny is impressive.


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        This is a "poem" that I wrote using the very strict constraint of letter palindrome. The poem, including the title, reads exactly the same backwards (letter by letter ignoring punctuation).

        Resumes Reversed
        I sat in unity—tied am I!
        Evil I saw is alive, here reviled.
        As a witness, eyes/irises sold I maybe keep. Oh drat!
        Sad was I, how alone! I doth self-repel well.
        Are vomit or foe damned?
        An idle hero, my name vilified, I ceded a misdeed. Names!
        I was as selfless as evil was.
        I never reign; I sin. My hate, open as a gate.
        Many merit a snide suffusion. Amoral I!
        As not to cast filth gilded light,I—a frail, maimed, aidless, every pariah—lived as a devil.
        Hair a pyre vessel diadem. I am Liar!
        Faith gilded light lifts a cotton sail aroma.
        No, I suffused in satire my nametag, "A Sane Poet".
        A hymn I sing. I err.
        Even I saw lives as selfless as a wise man.
        Deeds I made decide if I live.
        Many more held in a den made of rot.
        I'm overall, ew, leper flesh to die.
        No law, oh, I saw dastard hope eke by.
        Amid losses I rise.
        Yes! Sent, I was a deliverer, eh.
        Evil as I was I live.
        I'm a deity tin unit, a sides reverse muser.
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        • N. Y. Sonnet
          N. Y. Sonnet commented
          Editing a comment
          I am dumbfounded at how you were able to pull this off! I have always loved palindromes, but every attempt I have made at creating one of my own has failed miserably. I daresay the palindrome is the hardest of constrained writing, and you have done an admirable job. I tip my hat to you!

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        Thought I would take a whack at "Six-Word Memoirs" although the way I did it this time sort of reminds me of a haiku... Here's my piece

        This Monkey
        Is Here
        To Stay


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          Acrostic Hopes

          T omorrow’s promise . . .
          O ne more day to cherish
          M emories made -
          O f moments, precious
          R eap that which you want to sow
          R ealize that you have
          O ne more day
          W holly for the purpose – to find yourself.

          (c) Sumyanna 2016


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            Acrostic: Yesterday

            Y esterday, is where we spent
            E very waking moment, trying to get it right
            S till riddled with mistakes, we continue to strive
            T rying to reach our dreams with arms outstretched
            E very day was cherished, not laid by the wayside
            R elishing every moment, for soon they shall fade
            D esire to make our mark and tread our paths
            A lways hoping to arrive with hope in our heart
            Y esterday’s dreams become today’s possibilities.

            (c) Sumyanna 2016


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              I don't know how people restrict themselves to one vowel... Maybe I'll need to learn more words because my constrained poem came out extremely sloppy

              Watch as a bat attacks
              A man and a gal
              Anna and Max
              all at a mall

              Stan has a plan
              and grabs a bag
              at a dark land
              a part mark at a park

              Stan calls Dan
              that a bat's fast
              Dan calls Stan
              and can catch bat

              Dan grabs a bass
              and smacks that bat
              Stan packs and fast
              Anna and Max hand a thanks

              Though I would give this a try, but it was just a pain to do. I guess it would be easier if I allowed maybe one more vowel into the poem.
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                Here's a double acrostic on war, written in the form of a haiku.
                What a horror, hoW
                Any man might kill A
                Relative in waR
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                  What a great concept! Thanks for bringing this thread back with this gem. A very unique style AND great message. I love it.