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Write a Poem and Win A RhymeZone Cloud Tag Magnet!

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  • Write a Poem and Win A RhymeZone Cloud Tag Magnet!

    I got a bunch of these RhymeZone cloud tag magnets and they look really great. If you want one just post a poem, with at least one of the words in the RhymeZone cloud tag in your poem, before the end of the this month (July 31st, 2014) and PM me with your address (or the address you want me to mail it to along with the poems title). The poem must be at least 4 lines long and use at least one of the words on the magnet. All valid poems submitted will win a magnet. Supplies are limited so when the magnets run out so does the contest even if that turns out to be before July 31st, 2014.

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    I sit idly on my thrown
    I let my peasants starve
    The critics may bemoan

    Meat I always carve
    My subject's stomach seem to never quit they always seem to be pining
    But why should I ever have to starve

    My subjects moan and mope all day they really should stop whining
    They do not fathom or understand why it is so hard for me
    When I must sit on my thrown all day unless I'm called for dining

    They have only to work harder and let me do my job
    I have important affairs of the state to attend to
    Arrest the protesting mob

    I wish they could see my problems if they only knew
    I perform such hard hard work
    Give me my shirt in blue

    The moaning and groaning of my people makes me so damn irked .
    I have a prison for the ones
    Who complain and call me a jerk

    My soldiers have sworn an oath they have the latest guns
    They even get paid but only in food
    They even get fresh hot buns.

    I get the prettiest ladies to bathe me in the nude.
    Some call this a scandal
    But I say don't intrude

    They say my wife can't handle
    What they see as gravitas
    I treat her like an animal

    I may be fabulous
    I may be an amazing king
    I don't rule with callousness
    Now do you realize my job's a hard hard thing
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      Great job Lonelypoet! You win a magnet! By the way, which King is this poem about? It is always nice to see you back.


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        Thanks Electron. John its great to be back. I finished student teaching so more time free. Job interview tomorrow hope it goes well.
        I did the poem in Terza Rima so it was hard, it about any king really maybe its the side of people they don't see in themselves or that secretly they would love. The celebrity lifestyle comes to mind as an obvious example of the largess of the king .


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          I didn't notice that it was in Terza Rima. Very cool. I have never worked in that rhyming scheme before but it does look hard to work in.