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  • Thank you!

    Hey all!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 RhymeZone Poetry Prize. Between the poems posted here on the Forum, and the poems emailed to us, there were more than 2500 submissions this year. The contest deadline has now passed and the poems have been copied to a private site for the judges to read and evaluate. You can continue to read and comment on posts in this forum, but no new submissions can be made at this time. Please see the contest page,, for more updates. The winners will be announced next month, on May 15.

    Thanks again for creating a great community!

    Doug ( admin)

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    Thank you, RHYMEZONE!


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      Thank you for the fun opportunity!
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        A storm of huzzahs!


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          An unexpectedly rewarding experience. Friends made. Lessons learned. Hopes bolstered.


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            This poetry contest has brought me wonder, tears, surprises and conversation with my morning coffee!

            After looking to Rhymezone for synonyms and even RHYMES, I have found a community of poets and friends that I look to for support, humor, and to help me with my writing. Thank you so very much Doug for helping to put this together!


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              Thank you for a great site. For the past 7 years or so since I started writing you have improved my vocabulary, and rhyming, and this competition was just the icing on the cake. I dont usually enter competitions because I find very few that encourage a rhyme and rhythm pattern , but I love the fact that you choose 5 poems with and 5 without: a clear acknowledgement that we all have different styles and that is encouraged. For the first time a competition has made me feel like I don't have to be embarrassed to enter!. Thank you.


              • Suz-zen
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                Smee, you have crystallized my thoughts!!

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                I would add a second Amen to the sentiments here. Last year's judging was a disappointment because of the few rhyming pieces. Realizing that free verse is much easier to write and much more open to interpretation, I can appreciate the stipulation that some of the winners have to be rhyming pieces this year.

              • jdg
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                "Last year's judging was a disappointment because of the few rhyming pieces. Realizing that free verse is much easier to write" -- I have to disagree with both the claim that there was anything lacking with last year's judging and that free verse is easier to write. First, poetry should stand on its own merits, whether it rhymes or not. If the judges didn't find the rhyming pieces to be as well written as the free verse, that was their prerogative. Second, free verse is not easier to write than rhymed verse; it presents some different--and some similar--challenges.The primary challenge for rhymed (and metered, since you rarely have rhyme without meter) verse is to avoid forced and cliched rhyme. That's a trap many beginning poets fall into.

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              Thanks to u that u thought of creating the community!


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                Thank you for this opportunity! I have always wanted to share my poetry, but never knew how and where! Then I found rhymezone! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity! Stay Awesome!


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                  Try and Poetry also. Great sites.

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                Delighted to have found this site and see so many others who are enthused in their writing. I have only recently started writing (Jan 16) following a close bereavement and, at first, I wanted it to stop. Now after viewing such inspirational submissions on this site I am greatly encouraged to continue. Thank You.


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                  Thank you so much, Rhymezone! A splendid site with hundreds of splendid and encouraging writers. So blessed to have you.


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                    This was fun.

                    Thank you.


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                      Great contest. I was wondering if you were going to post your list of judges, like you did last year.


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                        Like limericks too..?

                        Thanks Rhymezone for helping us create,
                        a forum for so many new friendly "mates"
                        You're so easy to use,
                        My praise is gushing, profuse...
                        Rhymes simply generate whenever needs eventuate


                        Bleetz from Downunder


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                          I hated it. The entries just stank the place out. That forum, jeez! And the people ...... parceled up by Unimaginative Casting Inc. or what?

                          Just thought someone should put the opposing point of view.

                          Love it really.