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The Blacker The Berry

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  • Bobby Del Boy
    Hey my friends, I will march with you all for justice and die if I have to.

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  • Rhymeboy
    Excellent comment MHenry to a very thought provoking poem

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  • Sister Greed
    Fantastic and incredibly important writing!!!

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  • divot
    Life in a kindergarten class before we all got tied in knots by grown ups. Broken crayons.

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  • MHenry
    In society, the more you hang on to your individuality, the more the haters attack you. If you are fortunate enough to blend in at the same time (white), you just may escape the bigot's baton (Jews, Muslims, hippies, beatniks, gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc., all suffer hate, too). But if you are black and proud to be black and don't fit in the way society wants you to fit in, it is definitely not safe. That is a sad situation. Thanks for sharing, Chioma. I think we all need to be reminded.

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  • chioma97
    started a topic The Blacker The Berry

    The Blacker The Berry

    I say they treat us like slaves and call us black,
    “Seven to eight unidentified” blank men, fill in the blank,
    They put us in invisible chains and call us black,
    But the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice,

    And while drinking that Arizona that Trayvon never got to drink, I remembered that society has never made for African-Americans,
    This is not just my opinion, but we all have taken a History class and realized how America has finessed its way into becoming the land of the free when it first started as the land of the blood, sweat and tears of our people,
    And so why is an authority’s very first action over these 10 years has been to shoot, even when we put our hands up and tell you not to, maybe it’s so we won’t make it to another 10 years,
    Maybe it’s that society only advances when we stop advancing,

    Black lives matter. We’ve all heard it. I know. I am one. But who can tell me which ones really have a chance of surviving because from my understanding, there are more murders and graves and brothers in prison than brothers in slavery in 1850. Society was never made for us, thus we try to make ourselves like society. But let me tell you why that will never work.
    1. It does not matter if you are a baby, mentally disabled, 350 pounds, about to start college or walking into your own home because today you can get killed in America for being yourself,
    2. It does not matter that I allegedly stole a pack of cigarettes or had some Skittles and an Arizona in your hand because for either for $5.99 or 99 cents, you can get killed in America for free,
    3. It does not matter that Eric Garner was 43, that Rekia Boyd was 22, that Tamir Rice was 12, that Aiyana Stanley Jones was 7 or Kathryn Johnston was 92 because today in America there is no age that black people are safe,
    Safe?! There is no such thing as safe, but only safer.

    The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice,
    The juicer too sweet,
    No justice, no peace-
    The slaughter must cease
    No justice, no peace-
    Police brutality needs to decrease
    No justice, no peace,
    No justice, no peace-
    How can there be justice if it’s JUST US,
    How can there be peace when there’s less people to be peaceful,
    How can society advance when boys and girls are being killed in advance,
    And the indictment of only 41 cops out of 6,700 cases gives a new definition to “How to Get Away with Murder”

    So let’s not forget ladies and gentlemen the ladies and gentlemen
    That fought though racial discrimination, violence and segregation,
    MLK, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Mary Bethune,
    They call them black,

    Because this is not about black history, but also black present and the black future,
    This is not about black history, but black herstory too,

    This is about not being everyone’s eye candy, but everyone’s soul food,
    This is about being as proud of our culture just as mad as we were when “Selma” was not nominated for anything,
    This is about black history month beginning on January 1st and ending December 31st,

    The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice,
    The blacker the berry, the bigger I shoot.

    Chioma Aneke
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