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Where Does One Go

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  • Where Does One Go

    Where does one go?
    When we,
    Becomes me,
    And why is that so much
    Harder to see,
    What happens to a heart?
    That once was part
    of a love that shall always be.

    Where does one go?
    When time becomes slow,
    And no one is there to care,
    And the silence of self,
    More golden than wealth,
    Lies heavy everywhere.

    For way beyond a lonely face,
    Where sadness often dwells,
    Such emptiness has taken place,
    Inside a solitude hell.

    And yet the sun does rise again
    In the morning sky,
    And one more time we try my friend,
    To find the answers why,

    For love is but a moment true,
    A minute’s chosen time,
    When love was we,
    including me
    And life was so divine.

    And on this day
    So far away
    I was yours and
    you were mine.
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    I think Where Does One Go is a beautiful and poignant love poem, marianneking! Heartfelt and lovely. Thank you. Monica


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      Beautiful poetry. Clappies all around.


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        This is sooo heart-rending: a beautiful piece of writing. 'We' is such an understated word, and it takes a focus like this to recognise its value. Your style and meter is just perfect and compliments the content and poignant expression really well. Love it.