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    Some of us live with oppression, at every turn are met with opposition,
    there are those that disagree and hold a different opinion.
    Standing alone or together, everyone should have a choice,
    no one should be denied their voice.
    One and all should be counted and heard,
    you have to believe there's still power in the word.
    There's a disease in the community,
    like a virus; we have no immunity.
    The poison spreads, hate seems to resonate,
    the intolerant discriminate, they lie in wait to instigate.
    People awaken from your holier than thou bliss,
    our communities are amiss, we need to take a stand against injustice.
    There's power in the people, power in the many,
    don't give in, don't give up; we are plenty.
    Race or religion shouldn't be a barrier, we don't need a wall,
    that's not an answer, the whole system needs an overhaul.
    here on the home-front,
    the least fortunate, the most vulnerable; bear the brunt.
    It's been a long wait, and a long road,
    tensions high,like a powder keg, ready to explode.
    If we could walk in their shoes or see from their eyes,
    we'd come to understand and sympathize.
    On the home-front we must not surrender,
    on our shoulder, there's an angel, an angel of our better nature.
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