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Not Just a City

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  • Not Just a City

    A map is laid across the table-
    Routes across the town.
    Crossing streets and crowded highways
    And house after house after house.

    From afar it’s just lines on a map
    With population 100,000
    With 8 high schools and 4 public libraries,
    Cities like these are a dime a dozen.

    The tourists trace their fingers
    On the unknowing, faded guide
    That leads them to their destination,
    And past where thousands reside.

    But there’s something the tourists do not understand
    It’s what keeps the town alive:
    There are ropes connecting the roads
    And there are fires that alight.

    The trees relaxing in fenced backyards
    Have roots entwined beneath the soil
    Neighbor’s houses that cannot touch
    Are pulled together by people who’re loyal

    The air that fills the heating vents
    Has traveled across the city
    And the love that fills the people’s hearts
    Streams from out the chimney

    What the age old map cannot convey
    Is that the city is not just a place-
    It’s a unit with a beating heart
    And expanding lungs that breathe

    It’s a community
    Where a neighbor’s a brother
    And a public park’s a living room.

    It’s a family
    Who respects their needs
    And will help in times of trouble.

    When the tourists’ car goes roaring by
    Leaving a trail of fumes
    To them it’s just a rest stop,
    But to the people inside it’s home.

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    Thank you, kerrylynn324, for Not Just a City, a lovely word picture of a community that is family and home to its residents. Monica


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      This poem is compelling right from the open. Like the points of view. Very smart.