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  • Drips Dropped / Drops Dripped

    And the last drip drops down to the puddle to join all the others who already made the journey.

    When the first drop dripped down from the cloud he waited far below, feeling very lonely.

    ’Till the second drip dropped away from the crowd, compelled by curiosity.

    The third and fourth drop dripped down afterwards hoping to start a family.

    The fifth drip got evicted from the cloud and fell to find a vacancy.

    Till the tenth joined the drops dripped onto the ground from their cloud city.

    By the time the twenty second drip dropped to the ground it was wet visibly.

    They invited thespan drops to drip and they did so quite dramatically

    The smattering of the drips dropped welcomed the hundredth amicably.

    Soon the dripped drops had established their homes and furnished modestly.

    The drops then dripped into important matters and discussed things like governcy.

    The drips dropped wanted to ensure that they'd run things properly.

    For the drops found their clouds social structure had dripped with jealousy.

    On the ground the drips dropped all prior disputes for the sake of harmony.

    The flow of drops descending from the cloud slowed to a drip due to lower occupancy.

    But the drips left behind in the cloud missed their drops with great urgency.

    So they dropped their fear of falling and dripped to the ground in a great cacophony.

    There was a celebration waiting for these drips with the dropped celebrity's.

    The puddle made by the drips that dropped down from the cloud was moving quite excitedly.

    They celebrated till the drops dripped with sweat because they'd surpassed capacity.

    Soon the puddle on the ground that had emptied the cloud of drips needed to drop some residency.

    And the first drop, dripping tears, rose to the cloud with great hesitancy.

    The next drip dropped out of the crowd of the puddle to rise in solidarity.

    They'd be joined by all the drops that'd dripped from the cloud because they were community.

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    Oh my gosh! I am surprised by this poem!! Did not know where it was going.
    Love it.
    Many lines could stand alone. Marvelous writing.

    thank you for sharing Snwbrdr19