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A Crown For Man - An imperfect sonnet crown about our imperfect human community

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  • A Crown For Man - An imperfect sonnet crown about our imperfect human community

    "A Crown For Man"

    I wonder of Prometheus’ intent
    In granting us these cranial gifts of ours.
    Did he suspect what way they would be spent?
    These distinctive and near divine powers,
    Which upraise us o’er his brother’s creatures,
    Ought better us to Epimetheus’ brood.
    Although he imbued us with fine features,
    That just Titan’s efforts have been subdued
    By unjust acts of our humanity.
    What better we than rabid dogs which fight
    O’er a morsel scarce? It’s worse than petty;
    Our people’s’ state is a pathetic plight.
    Wherefore must we reveal guilt on our faces?
    From whence did we fall from the highest graces?

    Whence we fell from the highest peaks of grace
    May be the sight of unholy Babel.
    When man, in cursed vain, sought view of God’s face,
    He cast his fury and the tower fell.
    With it crumbled the common tongue of man,
    And our capacity to understand.
    Could this be the moment it all began?
    The trial we could ne’er hope to withstand?
    Our hate then eroded what we all share,
    That human connection to our own kind.
    For our own kin, we could no longer care,
    Nor Prometheus’s compassion find.
    Such barriers we could not overcome,
    So we, to deplorable hate, succumb.

    But would we have to that hatred succumbed
    If not for the wrath of the jealous gods?
    It’s well known that Prometheus had stunned
    The Olympians with some clever frauds,
    But they were not content to punish him
    Alone, and released Pandora unto
    Man. She did unleash those afflictions dim
    From that unholy box. Great hatred too
    And gluttony, lust, and greed were unleashed
    To wreak havoc upon his creations
    And render human righteousness deceased.
    Is this the source of all man’s frustrations?
    Curses! Why must we kill and hate our own?
    I mourn the day those awful seeds were sown.

    We must uproot those seeds, our oppressors!
    Why can’t we see hate forces us apart,
    And traps us broken, languishing, lesser.
    When will we see that we are all a part
    Of one human race, and join as one heart?
    Concord and compassion we must achieve,
    As anger and mistrust are the dark art
    Of ignorance and the spiteful naive
    Who conspire to make the innocent grieve.
    The day our people unite is the day
    We cease to fight. Are we upon that eve?
    Noble souls try to ascend o’er the fray
    And attempt to crown man with laurel wreaths
    And olive branches. As of now, we’ve failed.
    We find our crown short three leaves.