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Wild, Wild West

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  • Wild, Wild West

    All you see is the sun, reflecting off of that gun
    When it's you versus the badge, life is no fun
    I'm ready for my final showdown at one
    Best believe it, an outlaw's just begun
    But you ride till the dark won't help you hide,
    All's you need's your gold and pride
    Watch time roll away like the tumbleweed
    Clean yourself up from the nosebleed
    And cheer when you see trees
    To the west lies the purple mountains
    Towards the town are the city's fountains
    Better have the right monologue
    Or get caught up in the marijuana smog
    So welcome to the wild, wild west,
    And when there's heat, your hearts out your chest
    If you're feeling a little stressed,
    Be our guest, live life as blessed