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    What does the community do to a person who they never knew? Let Isabella Invisible tell you:

    And here we see is little Isabella Invisible,
    Society secluded her to being forever alone-
    All she wanted to ever be, is known like you and me-
    Kinda hard when all we gave her was sticks and stones.

    Let's take a stare at Miss Isabella Invisible-
    Examine her emotionless face-
    Let's all point and laugh at her, while she sits there taking all of Our hurt,
    When all she ever wanted was to be held in a loving embrace.

    Let's smirk to her- at Miss Isabella Invisible-
    Let our community judge someone we never even knew.
    And while you sit there and laugh at little Isabella Invisible-
    I hope you remember this on the day you step in Isabella Invisible's shoes.
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    Well done- I love the message behind this one. Beautiful vivid imagery, and like always I admire your rhyme scheme. Great work


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      Thank you so much, Cindilockil! ♥ to hear your feedback ^_^


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        One Wingless Angel, I've read and reread Isabella Invisible, and your poem, so sad and well-phrased, points out the truth: that not every community is as kind and receptive and helpful as it should be. A community devoid of empathy and compassion can be cruel. Monica


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          Hi, Wingless One, please forgive the abomination of your name, it is just a nickname... I was mesmerized and saddened by the heartbreaking story you told. And the only thing you can hope for is that those who tormented you feel that torment themselves, so they know to tell their children not to be so cruel. Great work!


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            Oh wow, The emotion of this cuts so deeply for the reader: I think I actually started to physically hang my head as I read it! Very powerful, and beautifully expressed. (The image compliments it perfectly too)
            I love the emphasis that you have put on 'Our hurt' as so often this type of shameful behaviour comes from those who have suffered their own hurts and misdirect their feelings to to bring others lower than themselves, rather than finding a positive way of raising themselves up. Thank you for sharing your very powerful insight. If it comes from personal experience, well done for becoming a clear, powerful voice. If you have not been so deeply hurt as the poem suggests, well done for representing those that have with such empathy and understanding.


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              Thank you, everyone, so much for the nice feedback. I'm posting new poems now in the share poetry and lyrics forum thingy if you wanna read more ^_^