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  • PaperStars
    started a topic Finally Home

    Finally Home

    The lights of the city started floating by
    My heart started racing
    Finally freedom takes me into its arms
    Leaving the city never felt so thrilling
    Saying good-bye to all those I never knew
    “So long!”
    “I won’t be missing ya!”
    After all this time of waiting
    Its time…
    Country roads start rolling on by
    The fresh air of newly grown crops comes pouring into my nostrils
    Luscious fruit fills my mouth
    I’m finally home
    The country-side that I had dreamed of returning to
    After all this time
    I’m back
    Pure puffy clouds swim through the ever-going sky
    The crows wish me the best of luck
    As I finally settle into my new house
    Finally back in the country side
    I’m reminded of the musty past
    Man I miss it…
    I used to play with my sister all the time
    We laughed
    Whilst eating popsicles in the heat of summer
    Sometimes my friends would even come over
    And played by the forest behind us
    Taking wagon rides down the sloping hills
    Until we were out of breath from exhaustion
    That was my life
    Only a few other neighbors were around us
    So naturally I knew just about everyone
    Yet as the years went on
    We grew up
    And I started losing my friends
    I’m almost glad I left that place before we became enemies
    And bit by bit
    I was becoming depressed
    A golden childhood it sure was
    Ah the golden years…
    I wonder where they went?
    Picking the wild raspberries off the bushes in the forest
    Looking for bird's nests high up in the trees
    Now all that is nothing but memories
    And these inky black letters on paper…

    Immediately I get up and pull out my laptop from my car
    Not trusting the movers with how valuable it is
    I start writing
    I write about the cherry blossom trees
    And how I remember I always wanted to see them bloom
    Like the way they did so magically in stories
    I wrote about the winters so fierce and white
    I could’ve sworn I was looking into the world of Narnia
    As I wrote these memories down
    Tears steadily dripped down my face
    Remembering the small neighborhood I called “Home”
    Though I would never go back there now
    In my memories
    I would stay there forever
    Growing the small garden in the back with the neighbor kids
    I only wish I had had a green thumb
    Well, I know I’m going to get good inspiration here
    Finally alive
    Finally here
    Finally in a place I can call “Home” once again

    By, Brianna L. Cook
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  • Brainwreck
    commented on 's reply
    I forgot to welcome you to the Zone. I hope to see some more poems soon.
    I read it again this morning. Even better. I hope you start a new
    topic for your fellow poets. Childhood memories. Leave the dark stuff at the door.
    I know that the dark makes many poems. We need to lighten up a little. LOVED your Poem

  • MHenry
    Though I would never go back there now
    In my memories
    I would stay there forever

    This is a million bucks, right there. It says it all, and I love it.
    Great work, PaperStars!

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  • Brainwreck
    Oh, that was such a nice poem. You took me back to my childhood. Slightly different but memories the same. I left when grown and do not want to go back as everyone is gone.
    It had a rhythm that just rolled of my tongue. Very nice.

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  • Monica Mack
    PaperStars, Finally Home is so achingly nostalgic. Once the narrator had a place called "Home," and loved it, but would never go back. ("I'm almost glad I left that place before we became enemies" is revealing.) But, happily, Life sometimes gives us another place, one we can call "Home," once again. Thank you for a poem well written! Monica

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