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    Don't ever say that you were on your own,
    Don't ever say that you were all alone,
    Recognized that the unique can't be cloned
    A free pass from the comfort zone
    Community is what society called it
    Helps you with your skills, polished
    Have everyone know your talent, acknowledged.
    And get rid of your problems, abolished
    They want to be your assistants
    Where people have common interests,
    Keep them close, short distance
    Found them in my home, the district.
    Witness, how you might of walked past it
    Just imagine if you asked if
    you could join their service
    They support your purpose
    So don't be nervous
    You're part of a team,
    so do your job to support your dream
    at becoming whatever you want to be.
    Like seriously, they have a community for just about everything
    A talent is a talent, but they want to see what you bring.
    Think about it like Martha's table
    The homeless is need,
    and Martha's able
    to feed as many as possible
    Overcame another obstacle.
    There's those who want to change the world by taking action,
    But before they do anything they have to imagine.
    In other words, they are creative,
    making a new road out of the pavement,
    Giving the next generation
    a new toy to play with.
    There's also times where you may have to create your own community
    This is your opportunity
    You have to bring out something new for the world to see.
    The common bond is humanity, which starts within one's community.

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    A marvelous poem great sentiments thank you for sharing