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    As I Stare
    Darshan Kommanapalli
    As I stare through the oriel,
    The wind blows my hair.
    Tickling my eyebrows.
    I see beautiful.
    Beautiful defined.
    I yearn to write,
    Capture the moment in poetry.
    But I have spunk.
    Stand strong.
    I watch a spelunk.
    Bats flying out.
    Their long and powerful wings taking them across land.
    I watch as little birds hop from branch to branch.
    Telling me to stay.
    Their colors intertwining with others.
    A blur as they flit from tree to tree.
    My eyes shift to the sea.
    Water shows the world in a mirror.
    The sun looking at itself.
    Glistening elegance.
    But from then on, I see horror.
    Ships spilling oil into perfection.
    Tears of mine glint in the sunlight.
    A large noise makes me turn my head.
    The tree.
    A birds nest.
    They all get cut down.
    I see eggs smash.
    Their habitat, destroyed.
    Why must man do this?
    I close the curtains and think.
    How to get the message along.
    Describe the effects of our wrongful behavior.
    My mind opens to vast possibilities how to make this poem powerful.
    A poem that will make you think.
    A poem that will not even make you blink.
    The world is what we live on.
    And we have to clean our lives.