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    "A Community of Believer's"
    COMMUNION: This Our Lord's Table

    by Richard Lee Terry

    (PART I)

    Your life is hid with Christ in God,

    work out your own salvation

    with trembling and fear

    like Abram in the Old Testament story,

    that when Christ who is our life shall appear

    you shall also appear with Him in glory.

    Let us come boldly to the throne of grace,

    that we may obtain mercy

    and find grace to help in time of need,

    for He is a present help in time of trouble,

    faithful is He that calleth you

    who also will intercede.

    The Spirit is token,

    the determinate counsel and

    foreknowledge of God has spoken,

    to His sheep the door is effectually open

    that we may go in and out

    and find pasture,

    and rest in the bosom

    of the Master.

    Calvary's hill on Mt. Moriah

    the chosen place

    where at great price time and eternity interface,

    mercy and truth are met together

    righteousness and peace have kissed each other,

    in a Savior and Friend

    grace upon grace

    world without end.

    For the law being a shadow

    of good things to come

    and not the very image,

    bore witness to His stripes

    and marred visage,

    but could not win

    by the blood of bulls and goats

    atonement for sin;

    wherefore by a better

    more enduring substance

    hope entered in.

    Victory was won

    by the blood of the covenant

    of God's only Son,

    that speaketh better things

    than that of Abel,

    the bread and the wine

    of "This Our Lord's Table,"

    who hath done all things well

    being exceeding well able.