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Our precious towne Universe

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  • Our precious towne Universe

    Our precious towne Universe outside insight
    be where the humane dig unearthed reunite
    in all ways make sure that all left are alright
    we give of our presence to rap those uptight

    from what we called cities still villages quite
    or townships as trailer parks - even campsite
    dwell colorful people defined a White Knight
    as friendships to personal space ris inn flight

    tho have nots who will not with fury or fright
    are beings alone that trade hope for a might
    sad faces displease us whilst pleading invite
    whence justly recourse them win trials indict

    as we speak out loud from inwards recondite
    we hum opportunes which commune erudite
    and seam in per suits foray matching enlight
    where dynamite minds infuse thinking ignite

    look see how our children bestow outta sight
    and swing on our playgrounds like a socialite
    no pushing know shoving bee learning excite
    impart with whole value to sum up all bright

    track stars on computers embark with a byte
    to introduce pictures as gifts stuffed of write
    forethoughts art official know how's satellite
    and prose with a contact untangle web's site

    Mens Rea bestills unions then strike impolite
    and neighbors cross sabers accusing of slight
    when knocking about to defend apprise fight
    a winner be frozen then chills "you are right"

    what's sup in good taste be a home appetite
    thus opens adore housing closeness in plight
    for family tree's yellowed leaves wilt despite
    this world's worth quoting as priceless recite

    as lifetime is short the old seek anew height
    whilst funeral parlors cause tears so contrite
    since death is no ending --- it's just a respite
    sho tell near departed no dreams morn finite

    the best caring people find love within smite
    and just never no breathing "yes" to err tight
    a generous home gives to dazed a goodnight
    reflected in welcome mats from a porchlight