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  • This living tree

    At the base of the great oak tree
    Lies a flower.
    A flower that knows
    The kind of death water deprivation brings.
    It shouts at the tree:
    You are still living.
    You must still soak up water through your great rough roots
    Or you will stop growing.
    The sunlight almost does not reach your leaves anymore.
    Soak the water!
    You are a living tree!
    But some of the leaves refuse to believe that the tree must grow.
    These repudiate envisioning; enjoy their current life.
    For the tree to change, their life must change.
    They are terrified.
    And some of the branches
    Knowing that growing will leave them,
    not further down, but not the highest left,
    These branches they extend, heavy on the backs of the rest.
    You are a living tree!
    Cries the flower;
    Drowned in the torrent of unhearing leaves.
    There are, though, leaves that listen,
    Know, accept.
    They soak in all the water they can,
    Trying to make up for the ones who won't.
    Many a flower has lived and perished at the bottom of that great trunk.
    Many a flower has died, unacknowledged by the trunk's history.
    But many a flower has been etched forever into the beautiful, intricate pattern of the tree..
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    What an impressive poem, This living tree, WorldParticles! And you tell the truth. The last two lines are especially strong. Thank you for posting! Monica


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      I concur. Very impressive.