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Brown, Green, and Blue

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  • Brown, Green, and Blue

    Brown, Green, and Blue
    Brown had lived for so long. Brown had seen so many things.
    Brown had seen the birth of his brother, Green.
    Brown had seen the creation of his sister, Blue, but
    Brown had not seen anything like he saw now.
    Brown saw that his ancient body was being broken.
    Brown saw that chasms were being opened into his heart.
    Brown saw that his blood was being taken from his cavernous veins.
    Brown saw that he was slowly losing the richness that had once flowed through him.
    Brown saw that he was dying.
    Brown saw that his brother, Green, was more difficult to find.
    Brown saw that Green was slowly succumbing to Gray
    Brown saw that Green’s harmonious castles and villages were being destroyed
    and replaced by Gray’s unholy citadels.
    Brown saw that his sister, Blue, wasn’t as full of life as she had once been.
    Brown saw that Blue wasn’t as pure as she had once been.
    Brown saw that Blue was being poisoned, tainted by a sickness that even he had not seen.
    Brown saw all of this, and Brown was sad.

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