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    High ceilings​​, spaces huge and public, storied high, walkways to destinations
    are built long, smooth and winding. Art abounds-flowers opening and reaching, creations
    painted of hues shadowed softly in blues, golden browns and rose pinks from nature's bold
    and reminding light. I've seen metal and stone folds
    of the human form gracing entrances, bowing to exits, greeting passer-by - men, women
    children who need to become part of the din.
    Televisions, phones ringing, intercoms and radio control
    intone busily unto a cadenced flow.
    These elements for healing endure
    no matter the structure or location - hearts and minds dream cures
    for afflictions spread wide and myriad - Hope wades in and too often swims against the tide.

    I have been there in many a building, as a nursing aide desiring to learn and give aid and later as a seeker trying to hide
    from death. I wiped brows, fetched pans, basins, measured vital signs, washed feet, repositioned bodies weak and frail,
    groomed elder men, blanketed the cold - only if they didn't have a fever - remembered safety, secured rails,
    delivered bad news, carried food trays, fed the paralyzed, took gurneys on journeys to the morgue, wept.
    In these cities within cities, generators run forever, operating rooms are kept
    ready and alive because accidents and erupting disease are clock-less - best of souls in their professions and the un-blessed
    reside side by side - corruption and greed are rampant in health and sickness, I have seen and must confess:
    Count the supplies,
    multiply the services, we peons are told to add, lengthen and rise
    not so much the sickened, hurting, needful but their bills instead
    I endeavored to ignore this, karma in the red
    is never my wish,
    on my watch not a single extra pill or dish.

    Coffee and tea usually taste bitter, but sweeten nicely if one tries
    water and ice are filtered, quality of cuisine is iffy, some days the meatloaf is edible, other times the pies
    are handmade, fruited full and delicious, tis luck of the draw for visitors and staff, patients who can eat a regular diet
    may be unlucky test pilots.

    Doctors, licensed nurses, therapists, surgeons, clerks, lowly aides, cooks and cleaners - the majority of us carried
    a passion for comforting, assuaging, mending brokenness and suffering married
    to continuing education, work training, the sciences and disciplines of anatomy
    I was not, am not academically inclined or mathematically gifted, but caring suits me.

    I was a float on my feet when not in classrooms, toiled on every floor and was present at births, rites, joys, sorrows, circumcisions,
    listened laughter of children recuperating - clowns, once Adam West aka Batman appeared to cheer - and I also witnessed final moments when mortal decisions
    were bid farewell.
    Then I had my days of being felled,
    by illnesses I tried to deny until they overtook my strength and sanity - thusly compromised
    and dying, I required life support and during those 47 days and nights, did not realize
    I was being monitored, medicated, fed, washed, held safe,
    and saved.

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    Wow Katray, I am simply overwhelmed.. You are very very well spoken,, I really enjoyed your work. Superb is what comes to mind.. I too found myself enlisted into caring for my Love Michelle.. She is the love of my life, I realize this is a shameless cliche, but true none the less.. We had a very special relationship, We meshed as well as any two can. She took seriously ill with kidney failure four years ago, and I had to quickly educate myself in the nursing profession. I left my career behind, and I spent every moment with her caring for her.. I offered my kidneys but was not a match. I fought every obstacle imaginable, and unfortunately lost her anyway. When we went to the hospital for what turned out to be the final time. I prayed and held her hand for eight straight days, begging both God and her not to leave me.. I made her a promise before she left this life that I fully intend to keep.. Her ashes will be placed in the most stunningly beautiful place I have even laid eyes on.. There is a place high in the Sangre De Christo Mountains in Colorado at 13,200 feet known as "Lakes Above The Clouds" I did this trek 20 years ago and it nearly did me in then.. Its a technical and difficult climb, but well worth the effort, the beauty impecable,. I figure that I can not lose in this case. If I am able to survive the climb, Michelle will rest in the flowered meadow above the lakes, If I do not survive the climb I shall perish with the love of my life firmly held in my arms. Either way she wins. I am so happy you made it through the trials you speak of. Take Care of yourself, because if you leave this world, I am certain that a person with your passion will be sorely missed.. Robert


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      I enjoyed your post


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        Hi, Katray, I just found your lovely, yet disturbing exposé/expression of gratitude of the bad and the good that transpires in hospitals. It is a very well written verse, and quite an eye-opener. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this piece very much.


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          Thank you most kindly, MHenry, yes, reality can be disturbing.


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            Love it. ..You take the disturbing and make it beautiful.


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              Thank you, Brainwreck! Really unique and cool handle.


              • Brainwreck
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                People are referring to me as Brain, which I am not.. Thinking of changing it to training.