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    I like to think they’re all the same,
    In age and intellects,
    For who could be as much obsessed
    With watching other’s sex?

    But then again, I’d never know
    If little Johnny boy
    Gets a kick when Puma licks
    Her brand new vibra-toy.

    And what if gramps from Sunrise homes,
    Whose typing speed is glacial,
    Was the one who gave a like
    To this week’s interracial?

    The truth is that we’ll never know,
    The masses joined in fate
    Who gather on the internet
    When urged to masturbate.

    We’d never tell our fetishes
    To friends we love and trust
    And yet through comments, views, and likes,
    We share our secret lusts.

    And thus a covert bond is formed
    With hordes of hidden strangers
    So long as there’s no data leak
    Our secret’s safe from danger.