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    Sharing our future

    Never before have our children had so much information.

    The fear of the unknown source in a time of individuality.

    The parent never quite sure of their searches location.

    Constantly fearing the vivid graphic contents morality.

    Our relevance as parents is replaced by a colourful screen.

    How did it happen that other people’s imagery is their teacher?

    It has never been this stimulating to be a complicated teen.

    Hopefully they are mature enough not to listen to a preacher.

    The diverse subjects that matter have the energy to stimulate.

    This idea that our youth will save us from self destruction.

    Hopefully allowing them the knowledge and ability to accumulate.

    We need them to avoid all temptation and seduction.

    The oddity of their search behaviour might be our saviour.

    The day will come when they will have to lead the way!

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