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Ode to My Women

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  • Ode to My Women

    An ode to the women who’ve loved me lifelong.
    Well, some just a season, and some for a song.
    Funny how right at the time we most need,
    A woman is there who’s spot-on for the deed.

    Women, ah women, the short and the tall—
    Some take a nosedive to break our hard fall.
    Some hold our feet firmly up to the fire,
    while others help manifest all we desire.

    Women have tucked me down into my tears
    with a hand and an ear and a look that quells fears.
    Women have told me it’s time to be strong
    and wrench myself out of a love that went wrong.

    Women have walked by my side, in my shoes!,
    pledging allegiance whatever I choose.
    Women have told me to get off my bum.
    Take action! Stop whining! And don’t be so glum!

    Women, ah women, they’ve been there for me
    in ways no one ever could frankly foresee.
    Friends and acquaintances, therapists too—
    Good news for humans, that’s what women do!

    From early in life, I don’t quite remember
    support like this from our fair, softer gender.
    Yes I had my sister, though our bond was strained
    by the troubles at home and Mom’s infinite pain.

    I also had school friends, though most weren’t so great
    as my personal hatred skewed how I relate.
    No doubt those encounters, through youth’s uphill climb,
    had a big hand in my growth over time.

    And maybe the payoff of an awkward “back when”
    is a rich, fertile network of women. (And some men.)
    Old friends and new—it’s a well-varied lot.
    (The one constant factor is they’re all pretty hot.)

    Mutuality too is an unwritten law.
    It’s my time plus two ears upon which they most draw.
    There are days when my phone rings in rapid succession,
    each with potential for a full-blown friend-session.

    Sometimes we’re downloading and chatting and dishing—
    often we’re analyzing the human condition.
    Sometimes they really are seeking advice,
    while sometimes they just need to laugh once or thrice.

    Some workdays I scuttle from one office to another
    as resident therapist, sister and mother.
    It’s these days I know that if I weren’t around
    my office’s “psyche wing” would surely shut down.

    Research has proven—it’s built in our brains—
    that good social bonding has limitless gains.
    It elevates hormones that aide stress reduction
    and even promotes good digestive function.

    It augments our sense of peace and well-being.
    Reminds us our choices and boy! is that freeing.
    It helps us to sleep more and feel anxious less.
    It basically fixes the whole bloody mess!

    Further, it encourages selfless behavior.
    Progesterone clearly is the world’s mighty savior.
    The reason it’s built into our DNA
    is when women hang out, the planet’s OK.

    An ode to the women who’ve loved me lifelong
    accepting me whether I’m tender or strong.
    Encouraging me to be just as I am,
    supporting and loving again and again…

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    Awesome! Truly a gift to all friends and women who are there for one another through thick and thin.


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      You got my vote!! Women are amazing!!!


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        Thank you so much!!!!


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          Hi, Lenore, I like the pacing and rhythm of this piece, and the rhymes flow effortlessly. The subject is enchanting, as is your poem. Thanks for sharing!


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            Thank you, I really appreciate that!