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  • Butterfly effect

    Just as a butterfly
    Flutters its wings
    And a typhoon is created
    In China
    The actions done by someone
    Create repercussions
    In the whole world.
    Someone's hateful words
    Disrupt the atmosphere
    And the heart of the other someone
    Who is listening.
    And then, those hateful words may vibrate in warped ways
    Entrenching themselves into the other someone's being
    And being considered true.
    And then, this false truth
    (Because most things said in a burst of rage are not really true)
    Can expand itself
    With such strength, and such will,
    That it may escape through the other someone's mouth.
    What if those words are heard not by just another someone, but by two of them?
    Or ten of them?
    Or a hundred and fifty thousand of them?
    And what if one of them,
    One out of a hundred and fifty thousand
    Believes in those words so firmly, so fiercely,
    That you cannot separate their will from the person's will anymore?
    And what if this person creates a weapon
    A massive, terribly powerful weapon,
    To be used in a country on the other side of the planet
    Just because they believed to be part of something
    Greater than everyone else?
    One press of the button. That's all it takes.
    One press of the button, and the fires will cut the sky open,
    And suffering will materialize itself
    Once again.
    But what if, before,
    The first person had taken one minute to think more clearly
    And realized that hate is not worth?
    (It never is).
    And then, instead of spitting out precipitated words,
    This person showed a smile?
    A smile of the lips, and of the eyes,
    And of the whole body,
    Beaming light.
    A light in its purest form,
    Bright and kind
    So beautiful that it made the other person, who was watching,
    Want to smile, too.
    And what if that shimmering smile was seen, and replicated, not only by one person, but by two?
    Or ten?
    Or a hundred and fifty thousand?
    And what if one of them
    One out of a hundred and fifty thousand
    Feels a happiness so majestic, so complete,
    That they want the whole world to feel the same way?
    And what if this person creates a balloon
    An enormous , immensely colorful balloon
    And sends it to the other side of the planet
    Just because, by seeing it, people will feel happy?
    A prismatic full moon in the daylight,
    As close to Earth as it can be.
    It all starts with a flutter.
    In many systems, the end results are intimately dependent upon
    The initial variables.
    And what is this world but a system,
    All parts interconnected,
    Each thought and each word and each action
    Resonating, through all kinds of waves,
    In this earthly community?
    A city is only peaceful if its neighborhoods are peaceful.
    Neighborhoods are peaceful only
    If their streets are peaceful.
    And peaceful streets start at peaceful houses,
    Which, at last,
    Are born at the very core
    Of their peaceful dwellers.
    No one can live completely alone.
    The life of each person,
    Each one out of seven billion,
    Is not only necessary for the life of many others,
    But also affects the life of these many others
    In many different, unimaginable ways.
    For we are all linked,
    By visible and invisible threads
    In our planetary neighborhood.