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  • True Success

    True Success
    There once was a man who was living his plan. Every paycheck, a sign of success.
    All his riches, he hoarded. Investments, rewarded, by new things that he could possess.

    He retired alone. No one called on his phone. No friends stopped by his fancy address.
    He worked hard his whole life, but with no kids or wife, there was nobody left to impress.

    With his time he’d collect all his thoughts, and reflect, on his life that was lived in excess.
    Though his bank account plump, he was stuck in a slump. And so lonely, words couldn’t express.

    He then made up his mind that he’d go out and find the best way to give back with largesse.
    So he walked down each street. With each poor man he’d meet, he’d give cash to relieve their distress.

    While at parks he would search for a park-bench to perch. He’d ask those there alone to play chess.
    And at night he'd explore every hospital floor. He’d hold hands to help sick convalesce.

    His philanthropy grew – generosity, too! So rewarding, he had to confess,
    that the best part of living was grounded in giving.

    He finally felt true success.

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    I think True Success has a vital message for us all, very well delivered, KJFoote! And it's clearly and excellently penned, and I like the rhyme, with its extra-strong ending! Monica


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      I enjoyed reading your poem. I think there are a few out there that should read it too.
      I think you are new. Welcome to the Zone.
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        There's more happiness in giving than in receiving. So true and great way to tell this story. I enjoyed it immensely. Wonderful!!


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          It's a tale of greed and redemption. He should have got married and had kids, though. Well told, KJ!