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​Away, Away, My Graceful Swan

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  • ​Away, Away, My Graceful Swan

    Away, Away, My Graceful Swan

    You, the unsuspecting mallard
    I, the hunter
    With shotgun and steady hand
    To fell you at my feet
    Exhaust your willing flesh

    Your wings caress the carrying winds
    Your heaving breasts flush against my heart
    Your fleeting glance, cold, indifferent
    Cold as the wind from which you flee
    Indifferent as the clouds that tremble in your wake

    Away, away, my graceful swan
    To southern climes
    To bestow your feathered gifts
    On others

    While I, unrequited
    With shotgun and steady hand
    Conspire to assuage my pain

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    Dangerously passionate, MHenry. I hope there are survivors! It's kind of like Leda and the Swan has been inverted and directed by Tarantino. Have you read W B Yeats' 'Leda and the Swan'? If not, I think you might find affinities you can relate to.


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      Hi, grant, Just home from a long, hard day at work... pressure building to finish before rapidly approaching deadline. Wine, Rhymezone time.

      Here, I experimented with something different than my usual stuff. Thank you for your generous and thoughtful comment. You are always insightful and supportive, and your support is an important booster to me and to others on the zone. We greatly respect your work and your opinion. I have not read much poetry, honestly, but I will read Yeats "Leda and the Swan" tonight and see how I have inverted it. I am going to try to catch up on some new postings and encourage people to continue to post. I will read anything and everything of yours with relish.


      • grant hayes
        grant hayes commented
        Editing a comment
        Nothing much new from me. I've mainly been encouraging others, standing in for you while you're busy, I guess!

        May your wine wind you down after your long day, MHenry. Cheers!

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      My old red rider action carbine with it's secret decoder just took a hit but I'm used to it. Ejected like a spent shell, yet I understand.


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        I could feel the inevitably on this one. Great job as always MH


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          Forgetting about all metaphors -- suppose you are talking about whistling swans. I can tell you that they did go south along the Susquehanna. About 25 years ago, we started seeing them by the many thousands, late in the season. My shotgun is in the closet and has not come out for many years.