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  • Old Man

    Old eyes, I realize
    You've seen so much wonder;
    Old hands, I understand
    You've done so much good;
    You're not useless or forgotten;
    I am here to listen -
    So hold my hand and look at me,
    Tell me your stories.

    Old mind, it's hard to find
    One as wise as yours;
    Old heart, I'd hate to part
    With one that beats so true;
    But in this moment, this dear moment
    You and I are here;
    Loving and living,
    Telling our stories.

    Old man, you're kinder than
    Any I have known;
    Old friend, let's just pretend
    I'm your grandchild;
    We may not meet again,
    But it will be all right;
    Right here, right now,
    We're living our story.

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    This is touching. We don't treat our elderly ones with the respect and friendship they deserve.


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    It's good to know that one day, we will be in the older person's shoes. It's good to see what it is like before we get there. Then, my advice would be to get there very slowly. Very lovely, emmiebee. Thanks for sharing.


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    a little Neil Young, never hurt anyone.


    • emmiebeecreations
      emmiebeecreations commented
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      *researches Neil Young*
      Ah, quite. Thanks!

    • Brainwreck
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      Neil Young's, Old Man, very nice to listen to. I have not thought to read they lyrics.

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    I love your poem Old Man, so sensitive and tender, emmiebeecreations! Monica