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A Toast to Writers

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  • A Toast to Writers

    A toast to eccentrics, dreamers and fools -
    A toast to the deviants bending the rules -
    To sleepless nights and weary heads,
    To watching the sunrise and falling in bed.

    A toast to seeking listening ears,
    A toast to conquering writer's fears,
    To pencil strokes, to pen and ink,
    To forcing your heart and head into sync.

    A toast to the whimsical, rare and offbeat,
    To forgers of words who find a retreat
    In doing everything it takes

    For masterpieces and mistakes.

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    On behalf of writers, thank you for the beautiful toast


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    Scans beautifully. Very sweet and gracious.


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    This is great stuff, emmiebeecreations! I never know what to say when asked to toast. I must put this in my wallet! Aside from that, I really like the feeling you convey here. Inclusiveness, hope, optimism, persistence, all in a collegial tone. I want to be your friend! Thanks for this uplifting poem!


    • emmiebeecreations
      emmiebeecreations commented
      Editing a comment
      You are welcome! To writers far and near. It's only recently I've really felt like one, though I know I have a long way to go.
      Thanks again for your encouragement!

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    I like my toast with jelly, but buttered up will do.


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    I really enjoy everything you write. Congratulations on your words!


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    I loved your Toast. I have been here since March. I am a fool, breaks rules, eccentric, deviant. I have just started trying to write. Mine are a little grade schoolish.
    Very nice and I like.


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    A toasty toast to your truthful toast while I'm toasting my tasty toast!