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Everyday Castle - 2016 Poetry Prize Entry

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  • Everyday Castle - 2016 Poetry Prize Entry

    Everyday Castle

    This morning in the tender light between the dusk and day,
    I saw the castle’s footman hang the flag out on display,

    Signaling to all around that the gates will open soon,
    To welcome those with business there, ordered from room to room.

    The castle waited patiently as its bridge extended next,
    Signs rolled out across the stripes for a safe way to connect

    To the fieflands that surround it, who send those who need protection
    And aid and care and skills and, most of all, gentle direction.

    The parklands of the castle grounds are silent, just for now,
    But soon they’ll be as loud and full as its marshals will allow,

    And they’re arriving slowly – the castle staff and aides,
    Who will all be in position when the children come to play.

    Master craftsman, too, will be among the castle’s crowd,
    Testing progress, asking questions printed and out loud,

    For the trade within this fortress is the give and take of learning,
    The currency ideas and thought, assets minds discerning.

    Knowledge is King within the castle walls, and interest Queen,
    They welcome frequent audience with all inside convened.

    Language, science, math, and arts all make up the court,
    Along with health and history with some space left for sports.

    They all command attention as they make their presence known,
    Wanting listening ears and observing eyes among the favors shown.

    Recess is the time for treaties, brokered and then busted,
    Alliances will come and go, but the castle always trusted,

    For it wants only to be thought of as a beloved and safe place,
    Where people always leave with more than they brought into its space.

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    Enjoyable read -- and would be perfect for a keynote presenter speaking to educators, kicking off a new school year! It has a steady, positive flow. I like the way you tie in desirable human qualities and character aspects, as well as the emphasis on the general importance of education. I also like how you acknowledge the abundant knowledge that already exists among us humans -- including TEACHERS! -- which is always so mind boggling to me. I appreciate your optimism regarding the continual evolution of humanity! The contrast between night and day was clever. The first two lines hooked me, and the last two lines are particularly powerful. Cool picture of your castle, a place I would choose to send my children.


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