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  • Where would we be?

    A Dr. named Bob, and a guy named Bill,
    Just two drunks out to do God’s will.
    They had an idea no one thought of before,
    Of how to win the alcoholic war.
    “Working with others might keep us sober.”,
    So they tried it with drunks, over and over.
    It rarely worked, and drunks slipped away,
    But when they were done,
    They’d been sober that day!
    In time a loving fellowship grew,
    And new members where shown what to do.
    They were each given a design for living,
    Focused, not on taking, but giving.
    To help the next woman or man,
    Get sober and live by this amazing plan.
    They had to enlarge their spiritual lives,
    Making amends to their children and wives.
    They were told there would be more work ahead,
    Since faith without works is surely dead.
    When they published the book, there were 100 sober,
    Now there are millions, all the world over!
    Where would we be without Bill and Bob?
    Would anyone else have taken that job?
    I would be dead, and perhaps, so would you,
    But instead the Divine Winds of sobriety blew!
    I hope I will always live this way,
    Because I am truly overpaid in AA!
    The best way I know to ensure that I stay,
    Is to reach out to someone else today.
    Just as they did in the very beginning,
    When they showed us this 12-step way of WINNING!