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  • Run For Your Life!

    Run For Your Life!

    Born in a stampede, feet stompin’ the ground
    Stop lookin’ around! Just keep makin’ the dust cloud

    Shut your mouth!

    This is no time for ‘whys’ and ‘hows’
    Stay with the crowd and ignore the fallen down

    You gotta trust me now, there’s no time to clown
    Men jot the laws down so far back you lose count

    Get a wife, pay your bills, work your hours
    Get fed up, suck it up, cause you’re surrounded

    Yeah, there were those who chose to go south
    But now we knock wood when those names are pronounced

    So better to stay safe in your comfortable house
    Flipping through the channels from your comfortable couch

    Okay look,

    Minor comforts work in keeping most out of trouble
    Some hunger and thirst and try to see out the bubble

    So for those who are stuck in the blues
    Wondering what’s true, busy sniffing for clues

    The men hired to keep their lips glued knew what to do;

    They introduced and seduced them with sex, drugs and booze
    And in just a few days of abuse, hunger for truth was old news

    Let’s continue.

    Some reject the quick fixes screaming ‘they don’t do!’
    They refuse being subdued and test the world’s rules

    But unfortunately their end is tragically sad too.

    See, they got doctors assigned to keep an eye out for signs
    Of rebellious incline and if they find symptoms arise

    There’s nowhere to run or hide
    Cause they’re the only ones with a license to commit crimes

    Now look,

    About once every five hundred years comes a super-human
    Who can successfully give the world a taste of freedom

    Too smart to get locked in cells, too smart to accept this hell
    Want heaven now and crazy enough to believe he will

    And for these rare wise, with the power to change minds
    The world had no choice but build graves to keep ‘em in line

    What else could they decide?
    There’s simply no room on the planet for people that size

    So now what?

    We’ve long trampled past the events
    And any traces of their messages fade and pass quick

    Just a few quotes, tattoos, pics and ashes have been amassed since
    And the unstoppable momentum of the world just keeps at it

    They got our eyes diverted and arms unconsciously working
    Lips constantly flapping, while the mind’s perpetually napping

    Like, ‘yeah, keep digging and laughing, who can dig to six feet the fastest?
    Fantastic. Now show me how you got lying in it mastered’

    And the fact is,

    As long as the world quickens the pace, and we fight to win in the race they put into place, with only eighty to age and a minimum wage, who’ll have time to make the change?

    But excuse me, I’ve spoken up too much already
    Let’s just forget it, watch TV, and finish our spaghetti

    By: Steven Shreyberg

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      This is really well done. Scary truths; truths all the same. Kudos.


      • Steven S.
        Steven S. commented
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        Thanks! More real now than when I wrote it like 6 years ago. Thanks for visiting!

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      very strong message! the no choice world we live in. I loved the line about no room on the plannet for people that size


      • Steven S.
        Steven S. commented
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        Thank you. Appreciate your visiting and feedback !!!