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    Each day that I’m alive,
    I feel blessed as I realize,
    That God has taken, all the necessary measures to ensure that I awaken,
    With bowed head in reverent gesture,
    I offer thanks for these gifts that I treasure,
    Body, mind, spirit, life enabled,
    Family, shelter, clothing, friends and provisions upon my table,
    You see, I find that dining offers a unique opportunity,
    To fellowship with the flavors of the global community,

    At breakfast,
    I ponder over my Peruvian coffee with Irish cream,
    As to weather I’ll have French toast, Polish sausage or Chinook salmon
    Freshly caught from a mountain stream,
    Belgium waffles with Vermont maple, a Danish or Canadian bacon,
    I may go vegan, in a manner of speaking with
    Washington apples, Georgia peaches, or California raisins,

    And I’m thinking while drinking,
    Jamaican punch during lunch,
    As to how I will continue to paint my palette,
    Will I have a Frankfurter on Italian bread?
    Or Russian dressing drizzled over a Greek salad,
    Swedish meatballs or Swiss cheese,
    Tandori chicken or English peas,
    My hunger doesn’t discriminate,
    And my mouth,
    Welcomes all of these,

    At dinnertime I’m inclined to assign
    The same method and means,
    Of integrating Blackened grouper,
    With Red beans,
    Brown rice, Yellow corn and turnip Greens,
    A slice of Jewish rye, and for dessert Dutch Apple pie,
    Topped with Blueberry ice cream,

    Personally, I like to get my taste on,
    With some Florida orange juice,
    And a tiny pinch of Carolina white lighting,
    And do yoga exercises on my Persian rug,
    And gaze at that amber sun and pink pastel skies melt into a golden starry indigo night time,

    Next I’m chillaxing in my Mexican hammock, while sipping on a Cuban cigar,
    Munching on some Brazil nuts, while strumming my Spanish guitar,

    Before too late I incorporate
    Feeding my Siamese cat and walking my Australian shepherd,
    Watering my African violets and play the kids in Chinese checkers,

    And as I retire on my Japanese futon, at the end of the day,
    And give thanks for my kids and lovely wife from Montego Bay,
    I pray,
    The world can live as one,

    Because there’s nowhere under God’s sun
    That’s void of variety,
    Except that in which,
    Humans impose on society,

    But it’s those immortal words of King,
    To which I’m drawn,
    With hope,
    That the realization dawns.
    (Oh, and by the way that’s Don King, Rodney King, Martin Luther King Jr., Nat King Cole, BB King,
    Carole King, Burger King, King Arthur, Stephen King, King Kong and King James)
    Whose quotes combined remind that:

    ”Only in America…,”
    Can’t we all just get along?”
    “Have a dream today,”
    “So unforgettable”,
    “The thrill is gone.”
    So, let’s not sing,
    “It’s too late Baby”
    “You can have it your Way,”
    “Freedom we can embrace with honor”
    Instead of
    ” Nightmares and Dreamscapes”
    (While beating on chest)


    Myron Jackson